Infrastructure Report Card

The 2020 Report Card for Maryland’s Infrastructure was released during a virtual press conference March 19, 2020.

The 2020 Report Card for Maryland’s Infrastructure covers 12 categories - aviation, bridges, dams, drinking water, energy, ports, rail, roads, solid waste, stormwater, transit, and wastewater. It was compiled by a committee of 25 civil engineers across Maryland who volunteered their time to collect and analyze publicly available data, prepare and review their findings, and present their conclusions. The committee worked with the national staff of ASCE and ASCE’s Committee on America’s Infrastructure to provide a snapshot of the state of Maryland’s infrastructure. With a commitment to serve and protect the public, the committee compiled the Report Card as a public, voluntary service to citizens and policymakers to inform them about Maryland’s infrastructure needs.

2020 ASCE Maryland Infrastructure Report Card Committee Members

Kofi Acheampong, P.E., PhD, ENV SP

Mehmet Boz, P.E., PhD

William T. Carver

Milani Chatterji-Len

Gerald Dougherty, P.E.

Mark Gutberlet, P.E.

Robert Healy, P.E.

Nicole Huang, EIT, CFM

Chuck Lacey, Jr., P.E.

Amber Long

Charles W. W. Mitchell, III, P.E.

Elisa C. Mitchell, P.E.

Carrie Nicholson, P.E. 

Michael O’Connor, P.E.

Kwabena Ofori-Awuah, P.E.

Franz Alex Ollerman, P.E.

Megan Peal, P.E.

Mike Perrotta, P.E., AICP

Paul A. Petzrick

Brian Post, P.E.

Alejandra Revilla

Denise Sarchiapone, P.E.

Tom Sprehe, P.E., BCEE

Ali Guihua Wang, P.E., PhD, BCEE 

Timothy Wolfe