President's Message

I wanted to thank the Maryland Section membership for the trust you put in me by electing me Maryland Section President for the upcoming year. You also elected a great board of officers and directors to serve the section for the next year. Your 2019-20 ASCE Maryland Board members are:

Vice President: Rosanna LaPlante

Treasurer: Charles Mitchell

Secretary: Kelly Ambrose

Directors: Alex Ollerman, Alvaro Sifuentes, Rachel Sangree, and Mike Perotta

Please take a look at the ASCE MD Leadership page to see contact information for various ASCE MD committees as well as opportunities to volunteer and get more involved with your section. Every committee listed would be happy to help you share your talents and while getting to know other members!

This past weekend I visited the ASCE Headquarters in Reston, Virginia to attend the President’s and Governors Forum. There were leaders from as far away as Puerto Rico and Nigeria sharing ideas about how to make each Region, Section and Branch stronger so that they can best serve their members. ASCE has active members of various nationalities including members in 177 out of 196 countries worldwide. Maryland Section members should be proud of our strong traditions and great member participation over the years. I hope to help shape future meetings to encourage even more members to participate, especially younger and student members.

During one roundtable discussion, we talked about ASCE “Elevator Speeches” (how to talk to non-members or employers about the benefits for joining) and how they might differ depending on the stage in a potential member’s career. For students or a potential member who recently graduated, we can explain how networking through ASCE is one of the best ways to make connections that will help you find a job. ASCE can also provide leadership positions and training for young members looking for their first promotion. What better way to show your boss that you’re ready for a leadership role than to have served in a leadership position for ASCE?

For members with their PE, did you know that ASCE provides 10 free PDH each year (on top of those you earn by attending section meetings)? Your employer could pay $245 for your dues in ASCE or spend hundreds more each year paying for courses for you to obtain required PDH to maintain your license.

Finally, ASCE offers significant discounts on Life and Disability Insurance (among other discounts). At one point a number of years ago, I met with an agent carrying the same brand of life insurance as ASCE. It was significantly less expensive to pay ASCE dues and the life insurance premium than to purchase identical life insurance through an agent. Another way ASCE membership can save you money!

I hope to see everyone at our section meetings this fall. On October 9, Terry Neimeyer will speak about “What Makes a Leader”. His talk is very engaging and certainly addresses a great topic. On November 13, we will host two speakers and allow attendees to earn 2 PDH. First, at 5 PM Jason Ridgeway will give the group an update on initiatives at the MDOT State Highway Administration. At 7:45 during our regular speaker slot, Tara Hoke, an attorney employed by the ASCE headquarters will present an interesting talk on “Ethics” (and meet your MD PE ethics education requirement). Finally, our December Holiday party, scheduled on December 11 this year, is always an enjoyable evening when many members invite their significant other to join our group. We will not have an official speaker that evening but will recognize life members.

I look forward to seeing you at these meetings. Also, feel free to contact me or any board member if you have any questions or would like to offer suggestions. We were elected to serve you and the other members affiliated with the Maryland Section.