President's Message

I am very proud and honored to serve as your Branch President for the 2017/18 year. As the new President of the ASCE Maryland Section, I'm excited to be working with a vibrant and dedicated team of board members.

We have another awesome group of folks serving on the board this year and we are all focused on continuing the outstanding legacy the Maryland Section has developed over the past several years because of the commitment of our members and committee leadership.

My primary focus this year is to strengthen the ties between our student chapters, Younger Members Forum (YMF), and the rest of the branch. Not only do we need to better communicate the value ASCE provides to each member, we need to continually seek ways to increase that value. I am looking forward to working closely with YMF, our committees, and the institutes to bring that value. Our goals are to grow membership, increase awareness, provide additional valuable services as well as deliver engaging and fun networking events.

To fully support them, I’ll need your help. If you are not active in Branch activities, consider getting involved in a committee or helping organize an event. If we haven’t inspired you to get involved recently, suggest ideas that would motivate you to attend and become more involved. If you are interested in being more active, but just don’t know where to start, continue poking around on our website and check out the committees’ pages, or you can email me at; but the best way is to talk to us at one of our monthly meetings, institute events, or committee meetings.

The Maryland Section has a a variety of events scheduled for the next several months. These events typically provide professional development hours, which is one of our Section’s objectives; to build professional and technical skills. Here is a quick list of the events; you can find more information at:

· Monthly meeting – second Wednesday of the month.

· Engineer’s week – February 18-24, 2018.

· Maryland Section Scholarship fundraising event – March 10, 2018.

· Institute meetings

This past year saw many meetings and events for the Maryland chapters of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI), the Geo-Institute (GI), the Structural Engineering Institute (SEI), and our newest institute, the Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute (UESI). Our technical institutes continue to deliver top-notch technical content to our members. Please be on the lookout for information on their upcoming meetings and events. Please reach out to their leaders if you are interested in getting involved.

The Maryland Section’s success is deeply rooted in the members that give so much of their time to the organization. The Board of Directors cannot be successful without the full support of the members.

I am looking forward to carrying the torch that has been placed in my care, but I cannot do it without everyone’s support. I look forward to hearing what employers need from the Maryland Section in order to want to support their employees as active ASCE members. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions, ideas, or would like to help out. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming Branch event or meeting.


Alex Ollerman, P.E. M.ASCE C.M