Stuart Taub, P.E.

2021 Meritorious Service to the Civil Engineering Profession

Stuart B. Taub, PE is a seasoned professional civil engineer with a diverse portfolio of infrastructure and transportation projects that have directly improved the quality of lives for Maryland residents. Throughout his 42-year career, he dedicated himself to enhancing Maryland’s infrastructure while working in partnerships with the local county, city, and state transportation agencies. Stu’s approach to every project was to develop innovative solutions

focused on safety, meeting the goals of the agency, along with meeting every project schedule and budget. Stuart demonstrated commitment and dedication to our profession through his exceptional service on every project for each client - no matter how large or small the task. He saw the value of work through the eyes of the local community, committed to providing safer roads and bridges, protecting the environment, and reducing project impacts.

Stu joined Wallace Montgomery in 1988 as an Associate in the Structures and Bridge Engineering Division. He was a major driver of the firm’s growth and expansion to become part of ENR’s List of Top 500 Design Firms and helped expand the firm’s presence in bridge and structural engineering, in Maryland and across the mid-Atlantic. He assisted numerous agencies to effectively use the Federal Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement Program through partnership with FHWA and MDOT SHA. Stu worked closely with each client to understand their challenges and served as a liaison to facilitate project approval.

Stu focused on giving back to the engineering community as demonstrated through his service within numerous engineering organizations. Stu served as a dedicated member of ASCE his entire career and has been actively involved in the Awards Committee. With the County Engineers Association of Maryland (CEAM), he served as a board member for two years, program chair for two years, and part of the Legislative Committee for seven years. Stu served

as Treasurer and President of the Maryland Association of Engineers (MAE). For ACEC/MD’s Executive Committee, he served as Director, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and President, in addition to serving as the County Liaison Committee Chair and member. Through his service, he was a constant advocate of the critical role we play as civil engineers in our community and our obligation perform our duties to the highest standards and ethics.