Winter, 2018

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SEI Maryland December News

New Board Members Elected

SEI-MD elected its new Board of Directors in October 2018 for the fiscal year 2018-19. Mehedi Rashid, PE, SE, of Moffatt & Nichol continues to serve his second term as the president. The former Secretary, Isaiah Sampson, also of Moffatt & Nichol, now serves as Treasurer. The role of Vice President is filled by Jason Charalambides, PhD, P.E., R.A, of Avant-garde Engineering, who has previously been the Secretary. The position of Secretary has been adopted by an involved newcomer, Micah Ceary, PhD, P.E., of Brudis & Associates. Past-President Susanne Wassenius, PE of Spyder Engineers continues to be involved with board activities and currently serves as Secretary for the SEI National Local Activities Committee, while longstanding member Nicole Baer, PE of Hope Furrer & Associates, has advanced to the SEI National Local Activities Committee.

September – November 2018

SEI-MD held two especially well attended general meetings in the last three months:

In October 2018, the speaker was Ashraf Habibullah, SE, President and CEO of Computers and Structures Inc, known for its finite element method analysis software, such as SAP2000, Etabs, etc. Ashraf spoke regarding “Human Engineering” with the same flair he shows off annually at Structures Congress, turning the presentation into an event when he concluded by giving away cash and other prizes through a raffle. Ashraf was a key note speaker at the 2018 SEI National Congress in Fort Worth, TX.

In November 2018, Stephanie Slocum, P.E. founder of Engineers Rising, spoke about how structural engineers and geotechnical engineers should work together in the engineering industry. David Kozera, P.E., of D.W. Kozera, Inc, partnered with Stephanie at the end of her presentation for an open forum regarding their experiences in these two sides of the design profession.

Each year, SEI-MD donates any surplus funds from the annual budget to a non-profit organization. On October 2, 2018, at SEI-MD’s general meeting, SEI-MD donated $1082 from its 2017-2018 budget to o the Morgan State University branch of AIME (Advancing Minorities’ Interest in Engineering), a non-profit organization which works to encourage minority students in high school and college to pursue engineering studies and careers.

Upcoming Events

The speaker for SEI-MD's January 2019 meeting will be Troy S. Brown of Morse Law Office PLLC . Troy is a Baltimore native who went to Morgan University then Harvard for law school. He will discuss ethics within the engineering industry.

Scott Arnold, P.E, of Fyfe Company will present in February 2019 on the design and detailing of composite members constructed with fiber reinforced polymer.

To learn more about upcoming events and to register, go to

History & Heritage Fall Update

Future Events

The HHC has been collaborating with the Baltimore Museum of Industry (BMI) and scheduled two events in 2019.

      • The first is a WIKIPEDIA EDIT-A-THON event on Sun, Feb 10 from 12:30pm-3pm focusing on Black History Month. The event’s focus will be the Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic railroad and its role in the Baltimore civil rights movements of the early 20th century culminating in the Rosa Parks court case. The event is free and hosted at the Museum facilities. Attendees will be encouraged to become a Wikipedia editor and spend time contributing to articles on African American history and Baltimore industry with guidance from experts. They will bring their own equipment, and no experience is necessary.
      • The second WIKIPEDIA EDIT-A-THON will be on Sun, March 3 from 12:30pm-3pm focusing on Women’s History Month, again hosted at the Museum facilities and again free to the public. The second event will be structured the same as the first. Like the first, there will be a focus on Baltimore railroad history and the role the US Railroad administration played on integrating Women and into a male-dominated workforce in the pre-WWI period.

Support ASCE’s commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the “golden spike” event at Promontory Utah in 1869 to take place in Sacramento, CA on May 6, 2019. HHC chair Mike OConnor will be attending and presenting a paper on the event about identifying some of the civil engineers who worked on the project in the famous 1869 Andrew Russell photograph.

Future Plans

Work with society HHC on surveying the status of the six existing civil engineering landmarks in the State; photographing ASCE plaques and publicizing the landmarks in social platforms such as Google Earth and Wikipedia.

Ideally, the section would develop one new landmark for this program year. We also have efforts to develop long-range planning for the upcoming Baltimore and Ohio railroad bicentennial in 2028.

Trip to Bollman Iron Truss Bridge

Click Here to read about ASCE History and Heritage Committee's trip to the Bollman Iron Truss Bridge. This bridge became ASCE's first national historic civil engineering landmark in 1966.

ASCE 2018 Region 2 Assembly

The 2018 Region 2 Assembly theme focused on Leadership and Professional Development through presentations and activities. The event offered a chance for interaction between students, professors, practitioners, and job employers/recruiters the opportunity to grow professionally and to learn more about ASCE.

All Sections, Branches, Younger Member Forums, Student Chapters, Faculty Advisers, and Practitioner Advisers were invited to attend the 2018 Region 2 Assembly held on Saturday, November 17th, 2018 at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.

Below is a picture of the Morgan State Student chapter representatives at the Assembly. Dr. James Hunter, faculty adviser is on the right with Bill Brittle next to him. Asia Mitchell is the president and is in the middle of the back row.

Younger Members Group Trail Clean Up

The YMG hosted a Trail Clean Up on November 10th in Avalon, MD where 15 younger members participated in cleaning up a portion of Patapsco Valley State Park. Following the trail clean up, the YMG provided appetizers for the volunteers at Heavy Seas Brewery.

Interested in joining ASCE YMG?

Email or visit for more information