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Membership Information

Membership dues are based on the calendar year (January 1-December 31). Dues are prorated depending on when the application is received.

When you sign up, be sure to select the Maryland Section of ASCE.

Membership Types

Licensed Engineer

Licensed Professional Engineers (P.E.) or Professional Land Surveyors (P.L.S.), or those with the appropriate combination of education and experience. Unlicensed engineers may also apply.

ASCE National Dues: $225

Maryland Section Dues: $35.00

New Baccalaureate Graduates National Dues: $50 (sliding scale for first 5 years after graduation)

    • Year of Baccalaureate graduation & first year after: $50
    • 2nd year: $85
    • 3rd year: $125
    • 4th year: $175
    • 5th year: $225

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Students who are enrolled at least half-time and a member of an ASCE Student Chapter, OR enrolled at a school eligible for a student organization that doesn't have one.

ASCE National Dues: free

Maryland Section Dues: free

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Affiliate members have an interest in advancing the purpose and objectives of ASCE and are not students or classically trained engineers or scientists.

ASCE National Dues: $225

New Baccalaureate Graduates National Dues: $50 (sliding scale for first 5 years after graduation)

Maryland Section Dues: $35.00

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Engineers who hold at least a 4 year degree in a civil or related engineering program OR are a certified Engineer-in-Training (EIT) or Surveyor-in-Training (SIT).

ASCE National Dues: $225

New Baccalaureate Graduates National Dues: $50 (sliding scale for first 5 years after graduation)

Maryland Section Dues: $35.00

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Member Benefits

Open yourself up to a wealth of benefits that will serve you throughout your career. Join a community of over 146,000 members that help shape the civil engineering profession.

Continuing Education

Webinars, seminars, and customized on-site trainings developed and taught by industry leaders and designed for civil engineers.

5 Free PHDs a year

Select and participate in up to 5 one hour on-demand webinars yearly and earn a free PDH for each test you pass.

PDH Opportunities

The ASCE Maryland Section and associated Institutes host monthly meetings with technical presentations offered as PDH credit hours. ASCE Maryland members (and Institute members, as applicable) enjoy a discounted rate to attend these events.

On-Demand Webinar Subscription

Pay 1 low rate, expand your knowledge base, and gain unlimited access to your choice of 10 on-demand webinars from ASCE’s complete catalog, during a 365-day subscription period. Order your on-demand webinar subscription today!

Technical & Professional Development

Keep current with the latest technologies and trends with our Civil Engineering magazine, SmartBrief, Institute newsletters, and have access to publications, e-books, and educational resources.

Attend eLearning webinars, free with your ASCE membership. These one-hour live webinars help you grow your professional and leadership skills.

Expand your professional experience and become a speaker through our Online Speakers Bureau, or gain from their knowledge at an ASCE section or branch event near you

Networking Opportunities

Join your ASCE local Section, Branch, or Younger Member Group. Meet new people, and get the latest technical information by attending ASCE's specialty conferences. Participate in a national, institute, or local committee. The networking opportunities are endless.

Qualify for discounted membership at the Engineer's Club in Baltimore, Maryland through their Associate Society Membership program. Click Here for Details.

Exclusive Member Discounts

In addition to exclusive access and benefits, membership discounts include:

25% off books, e-books, and single articles.

75% off ASCE journals.

Up to 17% off continuing education purchases.

Up to $200 on specialty conferences.

Member Advantages

ASCE membership can pay for itself with discounts and great programs that save you money. From insurance, & finance, to rental cars and computers, ASCE negotiates these programs to ensure that you receive the best discounts possible, better than other customers can receive.