Entry Level Dam Safety Engineer

Maryland Department of the Environment


Full Time

Duties & Responsibilities

The Regulatory Compliance Engineer I is an entry-level position that will assist the Division Chief with the implementation of a comprehensive dam safety program in Maryland. The Regulatory Compliance Engineer I will learn to process permits applications, inspect new dam construction, inspect existing impoundment structures, and provide technical engineering direction. This position protects the public from the inherent dangers associated with dam failures. The incumbent in this position will apply engineering skills to evaluate dam safety and downstream hazard conditions, determine required remedial repairs, review and approve construction plans, and establish action plans to ensure that loss of life and major property damage are minimized in the event of sudden releases of water caused by dam emergencies. As a representative of the Department, the incumbent in this position will attend meetings and hearings with State, federal, and local agencies; emergency management personnel; dam design consultants; dam owners; and the general public to provide dam safety advice and guidance on numerous complex dam safety issues.

Job Requirements

A Bachelor's degree in engineering or architecture from an accredited college or university. No Experience Required

Job Preferences

Preferences include individuals with a Civil or Environmental Engineering degree with coursework in water resources, geotechnical, structural specializations. Experience with GIS, fieldwork, and team exercises preferred.

This is an excellent opportunity to work for a diverse team and gain a broad spectrum of knowledge in dams, public safety, policy/regulations and the environment - all while recognizing the importance of developing a healthy work/life balance.

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Contact Information: John.roche@marylnad.gov

Posted On: 8/25/2021 11:56:56