Engineer III
Montgomery County Department of Transportation, Division of Transportation Engineering
Full Time

Duties & Responsibilities
This position will serve as an Engineer III in the Department of Transportation; Division of Transportation Engineering; Transportation Planning and Design Section. 

This position's main focus is the coordination of the drainage assistance request program and the outfall repair program. The position also requires professional management of the planning and design of many different types of large and small scale County transportation projects including roadways, intersections, transit, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities as identified in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). These CIP projects range in magnitude from $15,000 to over $10 million in value with varying project durations. This position requires extensive knowledge and expertise in the areas of project management with emphasis in the areas of transportation engineering, planning, administration, design development, public processes and contract administration. For the drainage assistance and outfall repair programs, the Engineer III's role is to provide input regarding design issues, scheduling requirements and cost estimating at key phases of planning and design. The position must provide effective leadership and management supervision of a team of Planners, Design Engineers, Engineering Consultants/Contractors, and other Agency Representatives. Highly complex interpersonal skills are required due to the highly sensitive nature of interaction with elected officials and members of the public during the planning and design phases of a project providing guidance to keep the project of agreeable scope, acceptable quality, within budget, and on schedule. The Engineer III is responsible for developing and adhering to the Project's Scope of Services which best meets community needs. The Engineer III becomes the "front-line" or "point person" for the Division and County during the design and construction phases of the project. This position requires technical knowledge in civil engineering disciplines (hydrology, hydraulics, water resources, storm water management, geotechnical and structural) as well as being well versed in streets and roadway codes, permitting, ADA requirements, Federal, State and County codes and standards, and contract administration knowledge. The Engineer III position requires regular communication and coordination with Federal, State, Regional and local agencies, elected officials and the public.

The engineer guides and monitors the activities of consultants conducting storm drain design, environmental site design, storm water management design, drainage area studies and roadway design. The engineer will also utilize Autocad software to produce construction drawings for smaller scale storm drain projects. The supervisor sets the overall objectives and available resources, and the employee and supervisor jointly establish scope, milestones and schedule for the projects. The employee independently plans and carries out all aspects of project execution including devising programs to implement plans and measures to evaluate effectiveness in reaching goals. The employee also analyzes proposed Federal, State or County legislation/regulations affecting storm water management and storm drain designs to determine their impact on the storm drain program and recommends support, opposition or modification of such laws/ regulations. The employee presents project information and facilitates public meetings providing technical expertise on storm drain facilities. The duties also include assisting and preparing for transportation's CIP submissions on behalf of the County Executive including developing project descriptions and answering questions raised in the review and approval process by Office of Management & Budget and County Council. The work requires employees to visit sites to make field investigations, and/or observe construction. Hazards include those requiring the use of hard hats, eye protection, and reflective vests worn when working in moving traffic. Physical effort involves occasional standing for long periods and/or walking over rough and uneven project sites, and occasional stooping, bending, reaching and climbing at construction sites.

Job Requirements
Minimum Qualifications 

Experience: Three (3) years of experience in an engineering field appropriate to civil engineering, transportation planning and design, stormwater management design and/or environmental site design.

Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's Degree in engineering, or a related discipline appropriate to the assigned position. Registration as a Professional Engineer may substitute for the degree.

Equivalency: An equivalent combination of education and experience may be substituted, provided such combination includes at least sixty (60) accredited semester hours (or an equivalent amount of accredited professional training) in engineering or related courses appropriate to the assigned position.

Job Preferences
Preferred Criteria 

The applications of those individuals meeting the minimum qualifications will be reviewed to determine the extent, relevancy of training, and experience in the following areas:

Preparation and review of roadway, bicycle, and/or pedestrian facilities construction plans and specifications.
Cost estimates based on local, state, and federal regulations and requirements. 
Working with review agencies and utility companies to obtain storm water management concept approvals, erosion and sediment control permits, environmental permits and coordinate project progress.
Conducting field investigations for drainage problems and preparing reports.
Hydrology and hydraulic computations for storm drain systems. 
Use of engineering software, such as: ACAD, TR-20, TR-55, HY-8, GIS, and Microsoft Office products.
Meeting and communicating with the general public in response to their requests and/or for public information meetings.

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Contact Information: Eunice Peck, Human Resources Specialist, 240-777-5040

Posted On: 5/3/2018