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Winter 2016-2017

posted Feb 20, 2017, 9:19 AM by Charles Mitchell
Tis the season…as we wind down what was an eventful 2016 full of events and activities, new Section leaders, and influx of new members and several improvements to our website and overall outreach efforts.  This applies to our affiliate Branches (Catoctin and Eastern Shore), as well as our Institutes and Committees.  As has been stated before, we are a member-run group comprised of enthusiastic volunteers who all strive to improve the overall wellbeing of our civil engineering profession here in our beloved State.  However, we want to make sure that all members have the opportunity to get the most out of their ASCE-MD involvement, therefore we have developed a survey that can be easily filled out on-line at http://s.ascemd.org, thanks to the efforts from our webmaster, Charlie Mitchell.

A big ‘thank you’ goes out to our Section sponsors, whose business cards are displayed throughout the newsletter and are also listed on our website: http://www.ascemd.org/about/sponsors.  We wouldn’t be able to fully fund our committees, various activities and continue to provide costing discounts at our monthly dinner meetings without the generosity of these sponsor firms.

Two Section committees that had been dormant were awoken and brought back to life within the past month.  The Pre-College Outreach Committee was spurned by ASCE National’s Dream Big initiative (see the separate article within this newsletter for more information).  The History and Heritage Committee is now also active and looking for additional members to promote preservation projects in collaboration with organizations like Preservation Maryland, etc.   More information will be forthcoming.

The Younger Members Group has been busy with their usual fun events, including the sponsoring of the Friday bowling night as part of the ASCE Region 2 Assembly held on November 14th at Morgan State University.  Thanks to those members who participated in both events.  The Structural Engineers Institute (SEI) has held meetings each month, including an Ethics presentation in December.  The Geo-Institute held a November 2nd Chapter meeting, with several more planning in the new year.  The Chesapeake Bay Environmental and Water Resources Institute (CBEWRI) sponsored a successful Engineering Green event in early November with over 130 attendees.

The year culminated with our annual Holiday Event held on December 14th, where our Board proudly recognized our Section’s newly appointed ASCE Life Members during the event.  To be a Life Member, an individual needs to be at least 65 years old, have paid dues in any professional membership grade for 35 years, and have had ten years of continuous membership immediately preceding the attainment of Life Member.  Four of these award recipients were in attendance along with their guests, to be presented with their Life Member Certificate and label pin.  The attendees were:
  • Dr. Ken Bell
  • Bob Benson
  • Donald Koch
  • Larry Hennessey
Nine other recipients were unable to attend, and will be recognized at the ASCE Awards night next June. Thanks to those attendees who donated gifts for the Toys for Tots campaign, and special thanks goes to our Programs Chair, Kristopher Shea, for coordinating the event, and to the Streibs’ and DFI for providing the always scrumptious bevy of deserts.
Looking towards 2017, we have a full calendar of events planned thus far, with more being discussed:

  • January 11th General Membership Meeting/Dinner  -  Topic: The Baltimore ‘Center Stage’ Reconstruction Project, presented jointly by Whiting-Turner, Cho-Benn Holbeck & Assoc., and Keast & Hood (more detail will be available on our website before the Holidays)
  • February 7th – University of Maryland’s Suit Up and Be Civil event, to be held February 7, 2017 at the Riggs Alumni Center where professionals and students will come together for a unique networking opportunity (information is up on our website)
  • February 8th – Joint Meeting with SEI; Career Fair Night; Topic - Presentation by David Odeh, SEI President
  • February 17th – Launch of the iMAX film ‘Dream Big’ at the MD Science Center, in conjunction with Engineers Week
  • March 8th – General Membership Meeting/Dinner/Carroll Lecture at Johns Hopkins Campus (more detail will be available on our website soon)
  • March 11th – Annual Indoor Putt-Putt/Cornhole Event, where 100% of the funds raised go to scholarships for our affiliated student chapters
  • April 25th – General Membership Meeting/Dinner  -   Topic:  A Discussion with ASCE National’s President-Elect, Kristina Swallow 
  • June Awards and Summer Celebration Event
Let me close by making everyone aware of some of ASCE-National’s critical Society initiatives, issues and topics; as presented to the Section Presidents, and described in detail on asce.org.  I’m proud to say that our Section is already out in front of several of these initiatives, including:
  • Developing State Infrastructure Report Cards
  • Dream Big
  • Pre-College Outreach
  • Student Member Outreach and Transition
  • Government Relations & Advocacy
The Section Board and I look forward to this upcoming year and hope to continue seeing large and interactive crowds at all of our future events.
Michael A. Perrotta, P.E., AICP